Crossing the Line is a behind the scenes account of a fictional Fulham FC season, set against the backdrop of a London mayoral election - Fever Pitch meets House of Cards - as the worlds of football and politics collide.
It's a dramatic season for Fulham FC who are in the Championship and pushing to get promoted back to the Premier League. An ambitious but flawed manager, Marko Maric, has been appointed to get the best out of a fractious group of players. Vital to the team is its star striker, Texan Zac Miller.
Meanwhile, their local rivals the Diamond Blues are aiming for the unprecedented quadruple. Their owner wants to ruin Fulham, partly because he covets its enviable riverside ground, ripe for lucrative development.
But can two fans caught up in a Wagatha Christie quest, alter the course of events?

Responses on Twitter and in Amazon reviews:
"I thoroughly enjoyed the plot and writing style (similar to their blogs, if you're already a fan), and can't wait for a sequel. It's a great read!"
"It's very good. I'm half way through and finding excuses to sneak off and read a few more pages."
"Pistols at dawn to decide who gets to read it first."
"Crossing the Line gave me a warm sense of happiness about the sport we love, written by people who also love it."
"Had to stop reading 'cos I was laughing too hard."
"Wow. A gripping story and fun to boot. West London with football and champagne makes this an ideal summer book. Gripping tale and can't wait for the sequel."


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Caught in Possession is the sequel to Crossing the Line. It's the next season and Fulham are battling to stay in the Premier League whilst going all out for Europa revenge. The edge of the seat match action, with the footballing highs and lows that most supporters will relate to, is accompanied by plenty of off-pitch drama. The Club is redeveloping the Putney End at Craven Cottage - but any delays and it's full time for Fulham. The discovery of a rare Roman bracelet on the construction site is a disaster.
The players find their performances as well as their private lives under the spotlight as they deal with the pressures involved in elite sport; one struggles with his mental health, another's private life is in the public eye. Meanwhile, their demanding manager, Marko Maric, is trying to out-run his chequered past and the owner of the Club's local rival, the Diamond Blues, is plotting Fulham's downfall. Partly written from the humourous perspective of two die-hard fans, Caught in Possession is full of adventure, touching on the age-old themes of rivalry, greed and redemption.

Responses on Twitter and in Amazon reviews:
"Really enjoyable sequel. Great fun and attention to detail that educates and delights."
"Enjoyable for football fans and non-football fans alike."
"It's a fun read, and sets up a third instalment that I'm already impatient for. If you enjoyed the first book you'll love this one."
"A fantastic read with another cracking plot with some really funny moments - especially the ending which really made me laugh."
"Who needs Ted Lasso when you have Jack and Loz?!"


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